The firm was founded in the year 2011. It was established to provide consistently high quality, client driven and technologically advanced professional service. The partners believe that a lean, medium sized and efficient law firm provides the highest specialized legal services at a lower cost. Our law firm is ideally sized and configured to deliver the highest quality service to our clients regardless of the complexity of the Legal issues. It has dedicated itself since its founding to excellent client service and to providing a full range of Legal services to support businesses and individuals. We practice the law broadly and not limited to the following areas:-

  • Corporate Commercial & Company Law.

    The firm gives support to other businesses in the following ways; Incorporation of Companies;
    Preparation and review of commercial contracts, corporate and company restructuring, re-organization, mergers and take-overs;
    Company secretarial support;
    Commercial and individual debt recoveries;
    Acting for our clients in Employee/Employer disputes and advising on best practice in regards to Labour Laws;
    Acting for our clients in Civil matters in Courts;
    General legal advice to our Corporate Clients on questions of liability;

  • Conveyancing and Real Estate

    We advise on a wide range of issues related to the development, financing, operation, purchase and sale of Real Estate, designing the Legal infrastructure of a real estate project including the negotiation and preparation of documents in respect to; Long-term and short term Leases in relation to residential or commercial properties and entitlements;
    Preparation of sale agreements;
    Preparation of property secured financing documents such as financial syndication and joint venture agreements including formation and registration of special purpose vehicles; ( SPV s )
    Conducting comprehensive due diligence on Titles;
    Preparation and registration of Transfers, Powers of Attorneys, Cautions, Caveats etc;
    Perfecting land title processes such as change of users, extension of Lease terms on titles, processing new titles from allotments, grants, subdivisions and amalgamations etc.

    We also perform security realization for banks and finance institutions through the preparation of Charges, Mortgages, Debentures and preparations and registration of chattel mortgages.

  • Insurance Law

    This involves giving legal advice on the interpretation of Insurance and Re-insurance laws, drafting related legal documents as well as handling claims relating to personal injury and material damages filed for or against our clients.

  • Family Law

    The firm also deals in Family Law areas such as: Succession, preparation and execution of wills;
    Estate Planning and administration through various trust models;
    Children matters;

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Our firm oversees technology and trademark transfers, employment licenses, non-competitive, confidentiality, franchise and non disclosure agreements. We also advise our clients on the unique issues arising from development, protection, exploitation, securitization, use of technology and other intellectual properties. We have substantial experience in enforcing our clients’ rights against infringement claims.

    Our other areas of practice are; We are registered patent agents. Immigration Law
    Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
    Criminal Law
    Public and Administrative Law
    Natural Resources Laws ( Oil and Gas )